Friday, April 21, 2017

Baby baby I´m a star=)

Hey all and happy friday!!!

So happy today cause my vocals for the album with Jani are ALL DONE! Yeah! Now Jani is gonna do some more harmonies and then it´s time to send them to the mixing guy=) Hep  hep! In my instagram you can listen to a small snippet of one of my favorite songs! 

Here´s my latest outfits for you!

1. shirt GINA TRICOT, jeans H&M, shoes ZARA, scarf STUDIO STILISTA

2. Hoodie RIKA, jeans H&M

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Latest outfits

Hey all!

so Easter is over and another week is here=) I am studying every day and quite busy at the moment but I do see the light at the end of the tunnel since I am done in january next year, haha!

Here´s my latest outfits for you=)

Enjoy this week!

Love and light

1. jeans and bag H&M, black turtleneck GINA TRICOT, beige top COS, shoes ZARA

 2, Sweater ANINE BING, fake leather pants and shoes ZARA, blouse H&M

 3. blouse JULIE FAGERHOLT, pants and sunglasses H&M, shoes ZARA

Monday, April 10, 2017

Pyjama style

Hey all!

I have a new fashion crush - pyjama style=) It´s so comfy to wear silky pants and blouses that are like walking around in your pyjama all day. Yesterday I matched my BY MALENE BIRGER blouse with my leather pants from GUCCI and my striped shoes from ZARA going to the studio.

Love the stripes and the fit of the blouse and you can wear the belt as I do here or put it as a bow around the neck, wear it as a head band or more styles.

Hat is from H&M

 And since it´s Easter week I have lovely flowers in the SKULTUNA vase

And I felt after the horrible attack on Sweden and Stockholm last friday that my angel painting and the light that came through on it today was suitable while praying and thinking of the victims and their families. 

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Studio sunday

Hey all!

Time for studio again and I love to go there so I´ll surely miss it now when the recordings are almost done. But at the same time it´s exciting to await the mixing of the songs and hearing them with everything and to get the final result in my hand=)

Today Jani actually sent me one last song and it´s a great one I promise! 

Here´s some old photos from my blonder days for you=)

Love and light

Monday, April 03, 2017

Sunday studio

Hey all and welcome to April=)

How I love the light and sun of spring. It makes the whole body awaken and everything feels so much easier. Like a bear coming up from hybernating=)

Well a little studio report from yesterday´s session:

We recorded an accoustic version of one of the album songs and it felt great to sing. I just love when I can sing with emotions and this one is one of those. We also recorded harmonies for 2 other songs and went easy and felt fun!

We´re heading forward and closing in on this album recordings for my parts but I guess 2 more studio days are needed before I leave it to Jani and the mixing guy!

Hep hep and have a wonderful week!

Here´s my latest outfits for ya!

Jacket Julie fagerholt, skirt H&M, shoes Chloé

 Jacket DSQUARED2, skirt LINDEX, blouse BY MALENE BIRGER, shoes ROCKPORT, bag RIKA

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Print on print

I love to wear prints when the spring sun comes out. Make me happy and feels fresh! To add different prints on print is fun!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday mood=)

Hey sweeties!!

Friday and how nice is that after an intense week where I have both been at the university and worked in the maternity ward. Long and tiring days but I must say I love to work with delivering babies=)

And now I sit here and await to go and do some gym, listening to the songs so far for the album and damn, I really long for you all to hear them! Jani is an amazing songwriter and I really do think you will like it! It´s for sure metal and rock all over!

Now enjoy the evening and here we have such beautiful spring weather with 10 plus and sun!

Love and light,

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Studio moving forward

Hi all and happy Tuesday!

So went to the studio again last weekend and recorded a new song and also some harmonies on another one and can I tell you that we´re soon done with my vocals?? Well, we are=)

Videos are being planned and also a release date so hopefully soon more news=)

Exciting and hope you look forward too!

Love and light

Monday, March 20, 2017


Someone asked me in my Instagram why I had socks to shorter jeans and well, if you follow the trends in fashion you would know it´s in with fishnet both underneath your jeans or as me, today, as socks to shorther jeans.

So here´s some inspo for all of those who haven´t seen the trend yet=)



So, as you know I am studying to be a head nurse and I also work besides my studies as a lower nurse in the maternity ward. The days are filled with standing and walking and I really need good stability in my legs for that. 

So I use compression socks from VÅRDVÄSKAN

They are comfortable and you can get them in all sort of colors and prints and I chose stars since I love stars=) And these socks are also great if you fly often for instance since the risk of getting  blood cloths are decreasing by wearing compression socks.

See all the great socks and get your own pair here:

As a nurse I also need a good watch to count breathing frequency on the patients and of course check what time the babies are born=) This one is the one I choose and I love butterflies and the color pink so a perfect combo!

You can choose all sorts of colors and prints here:

Hope you´ll find something nice to wear cause for me, working is so much more fun when wearing some color and print=)

Have a great day!

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Babies and stuff

Hey sweeties and happy Thursday!

Last sunday I went to the studio and recorded some harmonies for two songs and this weekend that work continues. We are closing in on getting the vocals done but still one or two songs with lead vocals need to be done and also harmonies. But at least we are soon done and also planning for video/videos are in the making=)

Other than that I am studying hard, working at the maternity ward in the hospital and it takes lots of energy so I feel I lack the power to workout as hard this week. But that´s life and sometimes we need to focus on work and such and if I work out 4 days instead of 6 doesn´t matter for some weeks. The results can even be better sometimes since the body also need to build up and recover after hard exercise. And mentally it´s important too=)

Yesterday we had SNOW again but luckily it didn´t stay and today spring degrees are here again, hopefully to stay!

Enjoy this day and I´m working evening shift so I have some time to do some studying before and also drink lots of coffee=)

Love and light,

Friday, March 03, 2017

Finally Friday!!

Hey all!

Oh, finally Friday is here and I am happy that the weekend is here=) 

Yesterday I did a great 75 min spinning class where we use hear rate monitors and it´s such a good way to exercise cause you get a good grip of where your limits are. I´ve taken this class for 6 times now and the difficulty has been to get the "right" max pulse for me since this is very different from each individual. I have a very low resting pulse, 48, so I´ve had to decrease the max pulse and yesterday finally I got the right one=) I have now put the max to 165 and with that I hit appr. 94% of max during the session. Tonight it´s another session and it´s called Finland-Sweden with some Sisu. Here Henrik, the leader, play songs from the two countries and we guess what band it is and so on and it´s a fun session where we also use monitors.

When I was around 20 I did spinning a lot and now I understand why I loved it so much! It´s damn sweaty, hard and a great cardio which is important to mix my crossfit and functional training with=)

This afternoon I am also having coffee with my best friend from my teens, we have regained our friendship and it´s just so fun to be able to sit down and talk about what has happened in our lives these past years=)

Here´s also my OOTD from yesterday and many liked the golden kimono which is a super nice thing to add to the outfit or just stroll around in at home feeling like a very rich person, haha!

In the weekend I plan to be with my family but also hit the studio on sunday recording some choirs and some missing pieces in the songs we´ve recorded. Fun to hear the songs getting more and more set and Jani is such a great sport to work with and he writes amazing songs and lyrics.

Love and light

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Writing that bachelor exam=)

Hey all and happy Thursday!

I feel that my energy has regained after those dark winter months. I am so depending on daylight and even if i eat extra D-vitamines all winter I am still like a zombie all those dark months. Only thing I would like to change when it comes to living here is that it shouldn´t be so dark for so many months.

As you might remember I was beaten down and robbed last year and the trial was a month ago. This week I got the result of that and the person got jail for 1 year. So now I feel better and I hope that time in jail can get her out of her drug addiction and hopefully change her life for the better. We only have one life and it´s sad to see a person, so young, having done so many bad choices already. Sad and I hope for her best now.

Now it´s time to start working on the same thing I do every day now, writing my bachelor exam. Really fun and interesting but time consuming also=)

Oh and next week I start my new job and I am so happy cause it´s in the maternity ward and some of you might know that my plan is to become a midwife after my nurse studies so feels good to get in there and know more before I decide on if that´s the right choice for me or not=) I´ll be working there extra now and then all summer so I guess a LOT of babies will be delivered and for me, that´s a true blessing to be a part of=)

Here´s my specially designed new name sign for that and I decided to have pink and a little pacifier on it=) Suits the job, don´t you agree? I bought this from VÅRDVÄSKAN

And I also give you my latest OOTD, enjoy!  

 Love and light,

Monday, February 27, 2017

And a new week starts=)

Hey all!

So a new week starts and the last days of February are here! Its getting warmer, lighter and for me it´s like an awakening from a long dark sleep. I really don´t like the winter months cause I am a person that need day light and sunshine. But now it´s soon those lovely spring months and I am so happy=)

Today I am off to school in the afternoon for some work and luckily no snow when driving today. I drive 1,5 hour in the forest and I just hate driving when it´s slippery and truck drivers just pass you as if it was summer!

About the album: the cover artwork is now ready and approved by me, Jani and Frontiers and it looks so good!=) 

AND hey, did you SEE amazing Zlatan make Manchester United champions yesterday? He´s the MAN!!

Ok, time to hit the shower and get ready for school but here´s some outfit photos for you=)

Love and light,

Skirt H&M, bag LOUIS VUITTON, boots ZARA, tshirt GANNI, cardigan jacket SOAKED IN LUXURY, (last photo: blazer WEAR M BY M, bag RIKA)


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Early morning to the studio=)

Hey all and happy Saturday!

I have been up early working on the two songs I am recording today in the studio for mine and Jani´s album=)

so fun and today two faster songs so extra fun cause I just love Jani´s faster songs. If you like Scaretale and so on in the style and tempo one of these will be your favorite=)

Now some more warm up exercises and I use Cathrine Sadolin´s programme. And I also always sing Phantom of the opera=) A great warm up song!

Love and light